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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 17, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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anywhere else. please stay with the fox news channel, live coverage of the terrorist attack in spain. our thoughts and prayers going out to the victims of all of their families. trace gallagher is next. we will see you back here tomorrow night. next. ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, terror hitting the streets of barcelona, spain, today. a truck into a -- 13 people have been confirmed dead so hard. many are gravely injured, the total of injured over 100 at this hour. at the spanish prime minister saying that the attack was both an active g how do you terrorism, isis has claimed credit, and one is a spanish ci, the other is from morocco. at this hour, the driver of the van remains added to you looming large. president trump condemning the attack saying that the u.s. will do whatever is necessary to help spain. the video taken captured some of the carnage.
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[inaudible screaming] [speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language] >> tucker: liam sore was just a few feet away from the attack when it occurred pretty joins us now from spain. liam, where were you when this happened? >> i was in -- on the road just next to the rambler when -- and
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i was halfway down the rambler down the street. i was listening to my music. and from my left, i hear noises, and in the space of like five seconds, and go from hearing that to -- because at this point i am looking forward and straight. and then i see everyone from the bar and to the shops start screaming and running. and then at this point, from the corner of my left eye is where the van stops. and obviously, i continue traveling forward. i was still on my skateboard. and at this point, i jumped off, picked up my skateboard, and ran to the nearest place i could get into. which was, the theater. i think, and at first they saw us all into the gift shop. i tried to get into the theater, the door was locked. so they brought us all into the
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gift shop next to it. and then at this point, you could watch through the glass part of this was when all the police started to arrive. it was armed police, uniform police, undercover police. they came from everywhere, you know? it was really quick. and kind of almost overwhelming. you really did not -- it did not sink him for a while until -- at least 10 minutes after, i realized what happened. and it was such a shock. >> tucker: i will ask you, you said that the van was stopped when you saw it. was there a driver behind the wheel of the van? >> i think that the van crashed into something. from what i have seen on the news and stuff like that so far. i think that it crashed into something, and came to like a halt by itself, you know? i don't know if they break, or if they did not, i am not sure. i just saw it out of the corner of my eye that that was where it came to a halt, because after i saw it on the news, where the
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van had stopped, i immediately realized that that was exactly -- it was like 10 feet to the left of me. right next to me. boom, like i said, i had my headphones in, i was in effectively, kind of oblivious to it. because this van has come the entire way down the rambler already -- la rambla already. people must've been screaming and shouting that it was coming down. a busy day, hundreds if not thousands of people on la rambla. so people must have been shouting and stuff, but i was effectively oblivious, because i was listening to my music. and on until it so close that i realized what was happening and to see hundreds of people move so quickly from all of those bars and restaurants, i just instantly knew, something was not right. the way that everybody -- you could see it on everybody's face, you could tell that something was not right. everybody was crying, hiding, so
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nobody knew what was happening. everybody was just like, is there going to be something else, you know? you just do not know in that situation. >> tucker: what is interesting about what you said, you were there when the van stops, and said that the police were immediately on the scene, and yet, the driver is still at large. did they appear to be searching for someone? the police when they came? >> yeah, i don't know when the police first arrived, they immediately were keeping cover, like they were still hiding behind things. and rushing, just to people that had been hurt as well further up. but from, i mean, from i guess, i don't know, the driver went to left or right, because there were two streets to his left if he had gone out to left, which was his driver side, two streets that you can take. one of them takes you up towards where i live coming into the other one kind of takes you
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towards the busy shopping streets. all of the shopping shops, like the courts, h&m, all these other places. so i have no idea kind of what happened with that side of it. >> tucker: a lot of this, liam, unclear, but i want to bring the viewers up to on something crossing the wire right now. a spanish police say they have killed several suspects, just killed several suspects in a town south of barcelona in response to a terror attack. not clear whether it is a new terror attack or the one in barcelona that we are talking about. spanish police are saying right now that they have killed several more people. are there typically police around that area? you say you live not far away. >> yes, like in all -- in most of the tourist places, there are armed police.
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you go to the square at the top of la rambla, armed police unlike every corner of the path on the inside. antony of the shops and stuff on the outside. but none that are really down on actual la rambla, there is nowhere to park. but the ones that are on la rambla are on foot. i don't know, like two officers every 500 meters, officers every 500 meters. something that i have seen on a daily basis. because i got up and down that road every day. i go up it more than four times a day. >> tucker: 500 meters is the distance that this man drove. liam, i appreciate you coming on and telling us what you saw tonight. thank you a lot. good luck there.
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>> not a problem. thank you. >> tucker: joining us now as gillian turner, working on the security council under george w. bush and barack obama. in spain recently last week staying in the area on this road. thank you a lot for joining us. you were just there. set the scene for us for those who have not been to barcelona, what is this street? >> it is a beautiful, beautiful neighborhood. mix of modern, contemporary, historical architecture. la rambla is a two-way street. a long paved walkway set up with stalls, they are selling everything from magazines to trinkets, food, and on either side of the street or stores that you would be familiar with here in the united states, zora, dunkin' donuts, mcdonald's, all these kinds of things because of the marketplace stalls and the commerce, this street is packed morning, noon, ninth. i stayed there on that street
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for a week. based on what i saw while i was there the week before last, it is the death toll and the injured hole staying where it is right now, we are lucky, because this street is like times square on new york mag new year's eve, people are packed in like sardines, you have to jostle to make your way up and down the street. >> tucker: so when you were there in spain, was there any sense, was there any state department of warning that you ought to have your eyes open for terror attacks? >> no, and in retrospect, i am surprised and rather upset about it. because one of the things that i do as a responsible american when i travel abroad is look at the state department's travel page for the country where i'm visiting in advance. there was not a warning for spain. if the reports are true that the cia had credible intelligence that are provided to the catalonian authority is about an imminent isis attack, think that is something that should have warranted a warning. not necessarily a travel ban,
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meaning that americans should not travel right now, but a warning. alerting you to the possibility that there is an elevated risk. that way you can take precaution and get a little bit prep work done in your mind about if something happens, these are the directions i need need to foll. this is what i need to do. there was not a warning. >> tucker: is always better to have more information then less pay to jillian, thank you for coming on tonight. robinson cox from the heritage foundation, an expert on terrorism. robin, thank you a lot for coming on tonight. so we were hearing from an anchor on cnn a minute ago, speculating that may be the barcelona attack of today was a copycat crime based on charlottesville, because that is out there. i thought i would throw it out and get your response to that? >> i find that hard to believe, jihadi has been carrying out
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these attacks before charlottesville. this year alone you see the truck attack in stockholm, london, before that you see nice, berlin. i do not finance credible. >> tucker: yes, it sounded ludicrous. i'm glad to have it confirmed. so why cars, is there some reason beyond the obvious, they are ubiquitous, not regulated, some symbolic reasons that we are seeing them used in terror attacks? >> i think that the reason we are seeing this, looking at some of the numbers. it is cars, trucks, vans easy to acquire, does not raise many red flags. but if you look at the amount of people that are killed in these attacks, it is very, very high. way more than a few just use a knife. and also european security agencies find it impossible to stop these attacks are hard. not a recorded case where the european agency has been able to thwart somebody using a vehicle in this way. >> tucker: so for those who
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have been totally captured by things going on in our country, give us the overview. how many isis inspired attacks in europe over the last year or so have there been? >> since 2014, 150 plots now. this is a very, very severe threat. it is not just a threat in france or the u.k. or germany, spain. it does across europe. i think it is time for the governments to get serious. the need more terrorism funding. we need deportation of national security threats. what we do not need is more vigils, people sitting around singing "imagine" to each other. we need to get serious about the threats. >> tucker: it is not enough to change your facebook page. thank you for confirming that. thank you for joining us. despite the best efforts of western government, radical islamic flares up like we see today. what we do to stop it from happening? thinking a lot about this, once
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part of radical islam, leaving them behind. campaigns against extremism. joining us tonight. this has happened in spain, we have seen it in a bunch of countries throughout europe the last couple of years, does that surprise you spain? >> it does not surprise me. of the spanish police are monitoring over 1000 suspected terrorists. also a report in 2015 indicating that spain has become in fact a hub for jihadi recruitment and sending fighters into the isis controlled territories of syria and iraq. i think often we underestimate countries like spain, because we imagine that due to the fact that there is not been an attack there for such a long time that it is actually safe and the jihadi have not invaded the country. but what we see in the united kingdom, just this year alone has indicated to us that just because there has not been
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an attack for a while on a major scale, a massive coordinated attack does not mean that there are not jihadist who are radicalized and waiting to attack. we have had the horrific sender slimming summer in the united kingdom with four attacks. three of them jihadist, and one of them muslim extremists also using a car mooring down pedestrians coming out of a mosque. so i think because you have a long lowell, we must not rest on that and take for granted the fact that jihadist are indeed in the united kingdom and in spain. have been for a while. >> tucker: so quickly, give it the one essential of response from authorities paid what is the one thing they should do? >> the sorts of attacks are unpredictable. we cannot fully prepare for them. we are in the midst of a jihadist insured and see. it's going to get worse, by the way. setting back on the battlefield, they are going to continue to
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prove the relevance. especially because of the internal jihadist competition between isis and al qaeda. isis is going to want to prove that it is still operationally capable so that people do not flock to the more established pedigree of al qaeda. so they will engage in such attacks across europe. the one thing that we can do is unfortunately in the short term, not much, but a long-term solution, that is to recognize that if we are in the midst of an insurgency. we need a counterinsurgency approach from jihadist, and as robin simcox side, not being taken as seriously as it needs to be. >> tucker: no, not at all. it's always great to have you on. >> thank you, a pleasure. >> tucker: the west is changing fast, society fraying in part thanks to attacks like today. let's look at the shot during the attack in barcelona.
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[indistinguishable screaming] >> what happened? oh, god. what happened? >> tucker: can anything be done to stop the terror attacks prior to douglas murray is the author of "strange death of europe," joining us now. so douglas murray, spain has about 4% muslim population that is doubled recently thanks to immigration into that country, do you see a connection between immigration patterns and attacks like this? >> yes, i do. i was on your show this last week in your absence, talking about this amazing footage of people. dozens of people getting off a vote and running onto a spanish beach. this was dozens of people from subs to heart in africa going into spain. they just walked off the beach and ran into the country prior
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to the spanish authorities do not know who these people are. they have not caught them, got them, they do not know what they believe. they don't have their names. where they have come from. nobody wants to make the connection between that and that tragic events we see happening now commonly across europe. >> tucker: i wonder why that is. the connection is so obvious. i mean, if your population changes coming our society is going to change paid for good and bad, probably, but this is one of the downsides. why can't the leaders of almost any country in western europe draw the obvious connection? >> i think it is because they have invested so much in this. they cannot possibly deal with what are the obvious consequences for their own action. if i was a politician and i had an immigration policy that meant that there were no borders around my country, i think that i would be very, very reluctant to admit that i had any responsibility for that.
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that's what these politicians are doing. they do not have the guts to just have proper borders. and what we are seeing now, the mayhem of the immigration system in europe. the mayhem of illegal immigration in europe. and out of the mayhem of routine terror attacks. they always say, oh, well, some of these people are homegrown. sure, some of them are born here, others have walked in or run in to a beach one day. the paris attack a couple of years ago, going in and out using the migrant roots of greece. it's not an either or thing. but they have marked up the immigration. marked up the integration. and now they have to find anything but their own actions to explain the tragedy that we are now facing on a routine basis. >> tucker: that is exactly right. they are paralyzed by guilt and self-hatred. i was in europe the other day, obvious that there is a problem. douglas, thank you for the spread i know you have written on it. >> great pleasure to be with you. >> tucker: we will bring you the latest coverage on this
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tragic, but also very large scale terror attack in barcelona throughout the evening. to stay with fox, we will be righ their experience is coveted. their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team.
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♪ >> tucker: isis has declared that the barcelona attackers were islamic state soldiers. the prime is esther has claimed that the attack was promoted by radical islam had won a now long string of deadly attacks in europe. trying to build bombs, and now easily obtaining cars and truck trucks. the former head of the u.k. independence party. a long ban sounding the alarm on
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islamic streaming the schism -- extremism in the air. he joining us tonight. at what point, nigel, do you think that your leaders, european leaders start to realize that maybe these attacks are connected in some sense? >> no realization in all at all, they all stand up and they say, we stand in solidarity with barcelona or brussels or stockholm, or paris, or london. or wherever it may be, and this is really truly awful. we have no understanding of why this is going on. and not once, not once did we ever hear a single leader in europe of any policy solution whatsoever. they are still in denial. and i can only guess it is because they are embarrassed of the fact that they have caused this. >> tucker: on glamour goal is regarded as a hero by liberals in the united states.
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still, is there any political price to be paid by any of these european leaders for the policies which are demonstrably failing and making the consummate horse? >> well, i think there will be printed to be honest with you, if we go back a year, i think that brexit was about that spread to the british people saying, look, we want to control the borders, not because we just like anybody, but because we believe firstly insensible border controls, and in protecting ourselves and making ourselves a bit safer. so you could say that the e.u. has made a big price in terms of brexit. but for the moment, one of the problems is that many of the parties around europe to stand up against islamic extremism themselves, appear to the electorate to be a bit extreme themselves. >> tucker: yes, that is true. is it my imagination or are we not seeing a text like this in central and eastern europe?
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>> well, you are not. it is very interesting, isn't it? the prime minister of hungary, along with the other prime ministers in poland, the czech republic and czech republic and slovakia, they have been told by angela merkel, and the gangsters in brussels that they must accept the migrant process of those that are coming in across the mediterranean. and they have simply said, no, we are not going to do it. and if we are being really frank about this, tucker, there is a direct link and relationship between the number of people you lead in from different religions in different cultures and the number of terror attacks. and that is why and eastern europe, you're not seeing it. >> tucker: interesting. do you think they can hold out against the demands from brussels to change their immigration policy? >> they are being threatened with going to the european court, they are being threatened with being fined, they are being threatened with european funds being withheld.
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do you know something? these countries have lived under communism. they have lived under nazism. they have lived under all these things, but yet within human life's man, i do not think they are going to buckle for one moment. when you see things like that vote coming onto the beach the other day, i think that they are pretty determined to stand their ground. >> tucker: why what? i'm sure you could write a book on this, because a lot of psychodrama in it, but crisply, why in the world with european leaders want hungary to follow the example of germany's immigration policy? >> because a point about the european union is that it wants to take away the power of all the individual member states, and make them abide by one rule. and that is the part that they have had it down with the euro will, everything else, they have wanted to create the united states of europe, but the problem is this is not america,
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it is a continent of very diverse peoples. you can see with brexit, rebellions that we have seen in greece against the euro-zone, and with central european states saying they will not take islamic terrorism coming into even islamic immigration on a huge scale. the whole european project is falling apart. but what interests me and apart from what is happening in europe, okay, we can say the european politicians are in denial, but it is what is happening in america that amazes me. it seems to me that there is a large section of america that is much more concerned with tearing down historical statues that date back to the civil war then recognizing who the real enemy of the west is. >> tucker: of course. of course. there is never been a country with a dumber class of leaders than ours. unfortunately. nigel farage, thank you for joining us.
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we have the latest on the terror attack in brussels, a lot of things are happening. talking to a reporter on the ground in barcelona.
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>> tucker: a fox news alert, 13 people are dead, more than 100 wounded, some badly after the truck drove right through the crowd in the middle of barcelona, spain. spain's prime minister blames as islamic terrorism part of the
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islamic state is taking care of for it. in barcelona joining us now. jack, what do you see? >> right now i am still at la rambla. but the police... >> tucker: that is jack park, unfortunately it looks like we are having a technical difficulty. but we know as i said a minute ago, 13 killed, over 100 wounded. we know, this moved on the wires about 15 minutes ago, the spanish police are saying several more terror suspects have been killed south of the city of barcelona, relating to a terror attack. that is a quote, we are not sure if the attack they are referring to is a murderer and barcelona that we saw earlier by truck or if it is a another terror attack. we know yesterday a home in barcelona lou up, one person was killed, a number of others injured.
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at the time it appeared to be a gas leak. now authorities are saying it was a bomb making factory. that the gas was liquid propane gas, and a terrace hoping to make bombs out of those canisters when they exploded. all of this is fluid, of course. we will bring you more as we hear more. jack parrock's back. to be happy? >> you do, tucker. apologies. >> tucker: what is the current knowledge on the attack? >> . it's pretty calm where la rambla is. but around 70 miles down southwest of the spanish coast in cambrils, a police shoot-out we understand with four attackers being killed, and one being injured. what we do not know is if one of these people that was killed in this shoot-out was the man called driss oukabir, a photo was released, and he was a man
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that was maybe driving the white van that drove down la rambla and killed at least 13 people. 100 others injured. so many aspects to this as well with another factory last night exploding. the police believe the links the attacks as well. perhaps they were trying to make bombs in this house. >> tucker: there is a lot we do not know. we will be coming back to it until all the details are known. jake, thank you -- jack, thank you for the update. coming up next, civil war monuments have been gone only a day, but already ambitious activists setting their sights on thomas jefferson and the washington monument in washington. what is the end game for all of this? we will talk it over with charles krauthammer after the break. and the terror attacks in
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>> tucker: all this week we have noted that recent attacks on confederate statues are not entirely about statues or even about the confederacy. instead, an effort to abolish the past into the morally worthless in order to get to respect. the would not start stop with robert gilley, but to move on to george washington, thomas jefferson, and more. twitter called us ridiculous, less than 48 hours for reality to catch up with worst-case scenario. in case you were not watching cnn today, here's what you missed. keep in mind that angela ride is not only a cnn contributor, but the director of the black caucu caucus. hardly a infringed character. >> george washington was a slave owner. we need to call them out for what they are. whether we think they were protecting american freedom or not. he was not protecting my freedom but i was not somebody whose ancestors were human beings to him. i do not care if it is a george washington statue or a thomas jefferson statue, or a robert elise statue.
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>> tucker: agreeing that the man who wrote the declaration of independence should lose his memorial. >> when you look at public monuments supported by public funds, you are asking me to subsidize the -- >> thomas jefferson had slaves. >> i would repeat that the public should not be paying to uphold somebody who has had that kind of background. >> tucker: don't and it -- think it will end with the jefferson memorial or the washington monument, not like that. once i gather steam, further than anyone expected. as we found out the hard way. in the chicago southside, a vandal setting forward to another event. this one to abraham lincoln. yes, that abraham lincoln paired to the one who freed the slaves paid by the standards of the modern left, lincoln is a race is too. he was ready to power during the confederates. no way that abraham and lincoln could worked at google.
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he would be called in by hr. you can see why liberals thought it was important to burn his likeness. you know where this is going. after sending all the statues to the landfill, it will be time to rip up our founding documents. if jefferson is so wicked, he does not deserve a monument on the mall, why should we honor the declaration he wrote? if medicine is evil, why do we adhere to the constitution? lincoln speaking towards malice towards none, charity to all, but if he has a dead white racist, why would we remember that speech? the truth is there is not a single person we have given a national holiday to who can withstand this level of moral scrutiny, not one. we knew that when we decided to honor them. countries, like people, works in progress. they do not only exist in the present, but it comes from shared traditions and ideals. for respect from what came before. nihilists do not care about any of that. they want to hit the reset button. declare everything before themselves null and void so that they can restart society from the ground up. that is been tried before
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repeatedly, and never once worked. many millions have died trying it's pretty will not work this time either. that is worth remembering however you feel about the robert e lee statues pretty and speaking of feelings, the new poll by the economist and you got a americans are not concerned about the confederate flag, 54% say that the statues of robert e lee and stonewall jackson represents southern pride prior to 26 say racism. charles krauthammer, the author of columnist. i understand why some people are offended by confederate monuments, but my concern is that it is not about the monuments, it is about trying to delegitimize the foundations of american society. and governments. >> i think it is for many people, but i do think that there is a legitimate debate on both sides about honoring the past, particularly the troubled past like the civil war. and i do think that the two sides are simply wrong prior to the one side, the nancy pelosi
11:43 pm
saying that we have to uproot all of these, the symbol of the worst thing in america. and the present on the other side saying that we have to keep all of it. i think everyone, every monuments has a different history, content, context. if we were rational, this is not a rational moment. we would evaluate the context. and it seems that that is the only way to do it. some of the statues were sincerely held attributes, some of them by the union to their fallen comrades in the confederacy as a symbol of reconciliation and the better angels. i will commend your viewers to go to arlington national cemetery, remember the cemetery of the victorious union, going to section 16, it is devoted to a monument to the competitor of -- confederate soldiers they are paired with a touching inscription speaking about these
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men, these confederates in simple obedience to duty as they understood it. these men suffered all, sacrificed all, dared all, and to died. that is such a touching magnanimous recognition of the enemy pretty would not want to touch that. it is almost sacred, what that is. on the other hand, 100 years later, many southern states putting up statues to the confederacy. as symbols of not the civil war, but of the resistance to civil rights. and two supreme court rulings, desegregation. that is a very different category. and that's where it is far more problematic. but why it is a mistake to say categorically, yes, we keep them all, categorically no, we take them all away. >> tucker: i think that is of her point. i am bothered by the drive to erase the past. to tear things down, by the way,
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without any referendum on that. the population weighs in on this. but it is the idea that the past is offensive categorically. we have to just burn it. >> i agree with you entirely on that. i think the problem is less statuary than it is pedagogical. our problem -- >> tucker: yes, right. >> the understanding of the past which is a path though-history. all of the dissent, indians, african-americans, slavery, women, the history of oppression which is such a one sided and sort of destructive understanding of history that to get a generation who comes out of it and thinks, what is left, what is worth defending? that's where i really worry. less about the monuments which are sort of a reflection of that, but that's where i think that we have to start to rebuild a kind of civic culture and an appreciation of the glory of
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american history, with all of its flaws. that's what previous generations were raised on. that's what the greatest generation was raised on. and now we are raised with a generation that is confused. >> tucker: because only stupid people with emotional problems become humanities professors. somebody needs to subsidize impressive people going into the business, i think. >> i would round out the english professors and send them to guantanamo, they can do a lot of teaching down there. that is a joke, tucker. >> tucker: no, it is a joke. that's right. we should let twitter know. in a world where every car is a weapon of mass murder, how do we hope to stop future terror attacks like the ones we saw today? we w
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>> tucker: a fox news alert, during the commercial break, spanish police confirmed that their officers shot and killed four separate suspects in a terror attack. we do not have any more details, but we will bring them to you as we do. next, how exactly could an attack like the one we saw today be prevented? i will not be easy, of course. vehicles are everywhere. a commonly available to have anyone. is there anything in cities like barcelona, new york, washington could do to make sure that something does not happen to them because to mark a or bulimic member of the israel intelligence unit joining us tonight. so aaron, is it a dumb question to ask what could be done to prevent something like this?
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>> no, that is a really fair question, tucker. the way that you prevent these types of attacks is that you have to take a "no" nonsense approach by starting with -- you have to look at all the potential areas where a terrorist could attack. las ramblas is a major type of street that is a kilometer or so long, nothing that could not have been prevented was home a strategically placed bollards, we see them in front of the white house, the federal building, putting in things that go up and down to be able to make them easier to work around during certain times of years. along with some armed police officers doing 1 of 2 things. one a deterrence, a critical layer in counterterror, and two, you have to have armed police with any breach of a terrorist so that officers can fire at the terrorist. but if there were -- only two
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choke points. there would have been police officers, the ban could not penetrate. i do not see what is so complicated about that. it needs to be spread in all the different places where terrorism is wherever mass groups of people congregate is where you have attacks. the concert in france earlier, again, in -- excuse me, and two other countries, you see crowds getting hit. bollards, patrol. >> tucker: i can't control myself. you know what else is, building a wall, and terror attacks would go down. because they recognize that terrorism is a population problem. >> absolutely part of the wall physically creates boundaries. >> tucker: and it worked. jim, i want to get you in here. what do you think the lesson for american cities is from a text like this? >> what you want to do, aaron is talking about some common sense
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measures to stop the attacks themselves. it is called getting left of boom. boom is the bad action you want to stop. the left of boom is earlier in the timeline. if you stop it immediately during the attack, great, but preferably want to stop it in the planning stage which means that you had to be looking where the potential terrorists are. we know who they are. the french, the spanish, all of the europeans know who they are. they know which masks they are attending. they need to be infiltrating those, investigating then, trying to find the people before hand. then we hear about the ubiquity ubiquitous list that they have faired known to the authorities, on the national list, what's good is a list? let's take the people on the list and export them out of the country. that's how you stop them from driving down and running over tourists. you have to get them out to and then you have to stop bringing more people in less you know who they are and you can bet them. >> tucker: while, making people feel better.
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aaron, jim, thank you both very much for coming on tonight. we have more on what is happening in barcelona. there is news
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>> tucker: this is a fox news alert. a spanish police say they have killed four people and injured a fifth during an anti-terror operations south of the city of barcelona. the four men expected of plotting a second and different terror attack. we know nothing about that path, but we will bring you more as we learned. following every development in spain. the death toll in the middle at 13 this hour. more than 100 injured. the driver of the truck escaped. at large right now. police have arrested two other suspects part of the driver is missing and spain has labeled the attack and act of islamic extremism. is disagrees with that. they say they were islamic state
12:00 am
soldiers. we will bring every development as we get them from. that is it for us. we will bring over to "the five" in new york. hope you join us tomorrow at 8:00. all of their families. trace gallagher is next. we will see you back here tomorrow night. >> good evening, and trace gallagher in los angeles. a special live coverage of barcelona, spain, a scene of carnage on the la rambla avenue in the area known as russell loss from us. witnesses say that the van jumped the curb and traveling up to 50 miles per hour began zigzagging early meg zigzagging. trying to maim and kill as many people as possible. a viewer warning, the following video is disturbing. [unintelligible screams]


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